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One CCR ribbon of 6 not firing, at all


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Hi everyone!


Here is the issue:


Of the 6 CCRs that I have in my show this year, one of those ribbons is not firing




There are 6 '16' channel standard controllers

There are 6 CCR controllers

There are 2 CCD controllers (accounting for a small tree with 200 ccd bulbs on it)


**Note:  The controller going dark at 500k is about a year old, all of the other ones I purchased new this year.  Not sure if that means anything.




I was having a major issue with lag on the CCRs during various points in all shows


I found that adjusting the network speed from the 57k (recommended) to 500k did the trick, except...


When I made this change, the one ribbon stopped working during the show




I tested the ribbon via the hardware module

-  The hardware module found the ribbon

-  I was able to manually light some of the ribbon's LEDs via the hardware module


When in 57k or 115k, the ribbon still lights up with the show

Only at 500k does it remain dark


However, regardless of the show's network speed, none of the other controllers have any issues going dark, there's just some lag at 115k and a LOT of lag at 57.


PLEASE HELP!!!!  What is causing ONE CCR to go dark at 500k in a show where everything else is working flawlessly?

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