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please everyone using their phones read this....

Old Sarge

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Please do not ask for a lot of sequences etc. and have it sent to your phone....


I have had Daemon mailer send a lot back saying    (Remote host said: [D1] Message exceeds maximum size limits.)     it cannot be delivered to because your phones are full or you are not accepting files etc.

Please make sure you can accept the files being sent before asking for them...


It takes a lot of time to resend things four or five times or break down files and send one at a time when you ask for like 6 plus things.... 


I Will No Longer take so much time breaking them down and trying to send like 20 different e mails because you have file restrictions when you ask for so many at one time..


It is a lot easier and faster if you will keep your requests to like 2 or 3 at a time...  more is ok if you can accept big files..


Thank You

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that is why I put mine on an FTP site so that people could get what they wanted on their own. not to offend anybody but I figured if they're unable to use the Site maybe they shouldn't be trying to do this in the first place. I see a lot of people begging for sequences when there's plenty of free sequences to be downloaded. I made a post directing people to my site but the posts where people are emailing out their sequences are going crazy. I have to wonder why that is

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Same here.... I have had so many people asking me for things and when I try to send it i get it back saying they are not accpeting files that big or that the file is to big that their carrier is not accepting them.... I to have drop box now... .sponsered by 






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