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Hi, we're looking into moving from static display to Musical display next Christmas. I have done a sketch of house and worked out what we want it to look like. We have looked at getting the following:

1 x ShowTime Central starter package with 1 extra controller ( total 32 channels)

2 x cosmic ribbons (to use as leaping arches)

3 x RGB Ribbon 8 pack set

I have a few questions mainly to do with powering up

1. We have 1 double power socket in our fuse box that run off 10amp circuit, if I had another one installed on its own 15amp circuit breaker and changed the existing one to its own 15amp circuit breaker would this be enough?

2. I currently have sets of led strings with their own controllers, can these be hooked into a channel? (12v and 24v power at moment) OR should we get smaller sets without controllers that run 12v

3. Is their any way LED motif lights can be controlled.

I will probably have more questions but will try look through NEWBIE posts to find answers. Looking forward to next year already!!!

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No clue about motif lights but I can tell you that you have plenty of power to run leds, RGB's and so on. Just be careful with the voltage differences in what you order and ask lots of questions. You are doing the exact correct thing by starting now to plan, acquire, fabricate and please don't forget, get busy on the sequencing as soon as you assign channels to your hardware list. Sequencing takes the majority of the time.

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