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Super Star is not showing on my menue on windows 8.1.

Old Sarge

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I just got a new computer today. it has windows 8.1.

I Installed LOR i have advance license with super star.


Super Star Sequencer is not showing on my menu which I can only access by going into the programs file, even though it said it was installed when I registered it on this computer. also the LOR Control panel is not showing as available of it is I cannot find it..


Has anyone else had this same problem and how did you fix it.





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One of my computers has Windows 8 and the LOR programs do run on it. Windows 8 can be confusing. If you click on the windows icon in the lower left of the screen it alternates between a desktop view and a "tile" view. When in the "tile" view if you start typing on the keyboard "Search" appears and it shows a list of files that match what your type. You can type "light" and the light-o-rama programs should appear in the list. You can also type anything that is in the title of the program, so you can type "visualizer" and the "lightorama visualizer" should appear. Type "super" and "lightorama superstar" should appear.


If you can't get the above to work let me know.

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