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1st 2015 video Merry Christmas Everyone

Tony Shepherd

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Just created the first video of this year’s lights. Switch on was on the 1st December with local radio station broadcasting live.  I'm not sure Christmas lights on the radio works well but they seemed happy.  Anyway see what you think.  I was particularly pleased with my spiral tree (thanks to Earl for his help).




Oh and of course Frozen:




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Very nice display!!!! How many channels you running?

I have 10 controllers so 160 channels. I'm not into rgb,s as we like a virtually all white theme and I prefer the look of bulbs. Most of the props are now LED's but always warm white. The spiral tree and the fans on the roof were this years project and the tree has worked out well. We do allow ourselves a bit of red and blue on the two trees. The spiral tree has 35 channels 16 spirals 8 white straight 4 red straight, 4 blue straight and 3 for the star on the top. Everything was home made

The arch usually has 4 sets of nets on it but thus year I added 8 strings so I could get the running up and down sequence.

Thanks for your comments


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