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Easily Installing Spiral Mega Tree Strings


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This year is the first year I have set up a Mega Tree.  This summer I did a test setup and did a BAD job if installing the spiral lights, so I started looking for a better/faster way to install them.  I found thoughts, hints and comments on the forum that lead to the way I did the final installation.  It went fast and I completed it the first time.  I am very pleased with the results.


The following is my method of laying the spiral lights on the tree in hopes that it might help others in the future.  It is long and detailed.  I hope you can follow it.


My tree is 14’ from the top to the skirt.  The diameter of the skirt is 7’.  There are 4 guy wires and the vertical light strings are stretched very tight to form the conical shape.  I have 12 channels each for 3 vertical colors (white, red, green) and 2 spiral colors (blue, red).  I have 1.5 turns per spiral string. The 70 led strings made a perfect length of 22’ for the spiral per using the excel spread sheet ‘Spiral tree spread sheet’.  The support line/guy wire length is 14.4’.


I started by making a temporary pvc pipe more than 15’ long to be used as measuring stick from the top of the tree down to the skirt.

Since am using 1.5 turns per string, I divided the support line length by 3 (14.4/3=4.8’).  I measured down from the end of the measuring pvc pipe down 4.8 feet and marked it with a colored electrical tape.  I used red tape.  This is the mark that the light string should be at ½ turn around the tree. I then measured down another 4.8 feet and marked it with red tape.  This is where the string should be at one full turn around the tree.  I then measured down another 4.8 feet and this mark should line up with the skirt.  This is where the string of lights should end and attach to the skirt, 1.5 times around the tree from where it was attached to the top.

Next I divided the distance between each of the red marks in half and marked them.  I used blue tape here.  These marks are where the strand should be at the quarter turn locations or half way between the start/half turn, the half and full turn, and the full turn and the skirt (1.5 turns).

Now it is time to start installing the spiral strings of lights.  First I would attach the strand to the top and have my helper hold the measuring stick up to the tree.  The top of the stick would be right at the top of the tree.  The helper would hold the stick up at a quarter turn from where the string was attached to the top. On the stick, I would note where I needed to cross that location (the first blue mark) with the strand of lights.  The helper would then move the stick to the half turn location as I laid the strand across the quarter turn location, moving on the where the first red mark was at the half turn.  Continue moving the stick around the tree at quarter turn intervals laying the string over the appropriate location indicated by the tape marks.

The second strand is laid out the same as the first.  Remember that the stick quarter, half, three-quarter, etc turn locations are now adjusted around the tree.  In my case, with 12 strands, I move 1/12th left or right from the first strand.

There will be a spacing between the first and second strands as they circle the tree.  The third and subsequent strands can be laid out using this same spacing to make things go quicker.  As you lay the strands up, if things don’t look right, go back to the measuring stick and adjust the strands as needed to keep them evenly spaced at the marks.

If you did it right, the 12th strand will lay right between the 11th and first strands with the same spacing.


May your strings dance :)

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Very detailed. I'm considering adding one. Good info. Thanks.

Have pictures or videos?

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Have pictures or videos?

I considered pictures but not sure exactly what would help that much.  A video would be best but didn't make one when I was putting up the tree a couple weeks ago.


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