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2nd Controller Not Running Lights yet


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This is my first year so I need your help. I've been fighting a number of issues mostly around setting up a secondary computer (not connected to Internet) to run the system and sequences but I solved most of that last night with one of the two controllers firing up and running. My last issue I hope to solve tonight is getting the second controller running.

Can you please send me your recommended next steps to troubleshoot? I really want this going tonight as the season is slipping away and the neighbors are curious.

I've read some of the forum for answers and here's what i've tried and seen so far.

- when both controllers are hooked up to Harware Utility, it only finds controller 01.

- if I hook up only the 2nd controller only to Hardware Utility, it does read and recognize it as 02. I'm pretty sure I followed directions and set it up right. I also checked each line and it seemed to work

- cable seems to work fine as I used that to check on Hardware Utility

- I read this morning in the forum about this possibly being a sequence design issue with it looking for 17-32 vs controller 02 & channels 1-16. How do I check and fix if this is the issue?

What else could it be? Is there a utility that would allow me to see/confirm both controllers when hooked up together? Any and all thoughts are welcome!!



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Double check your Cat5 cables, I had 2 that I tested 1 time and they tested good, my problem returned and I found they both had intermittent failures.  

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Connection is computer to USB/serial adapter. Adapter to controller 01 with cable in left side. Controller 01 (connector on right side) to Controller 02 with cable in left side connector.

A thought.... The 100' cable between the 2 does get bent when I close the doors due to sheer size of the cable plastic end... It was not bent when I hook it up alone to the HWU application to test. Maybe if I can leave both doors open to test the cable performance when in series with no bending on the cable. The cable from the computer to the controller 01 is smaller and doesn't have to bend to close the door so no worries there

I can also pick up another cable but long ones are so expensive at retail and I don't want to wait 2 days for Amazon prime.

Any other thoughts or ideas to check? I'll be attacking this tonight when I get home at about 8pm.

... And thanks for both of your input so far. It is appreciated ....although I don't like the idea that the HWU can't see both units yet when it should.

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Also, you could try putting controller 02 in the first position, and controller 01 in the second position to see if you have a bad port on one of the controllers. It does not matter in which order the controllers are connected.

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Look at the fingers of the RJ45 connectors inside the controllers. Its possible that the Cat5 cables can't make the connection if they are depressed too much. Be careful with them though, they are very delicate and when you mentioned the cables are bent, that might indeed cause a problem.

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Excellent recommendations!! We are up and running! Last item is to find a better FM station tomorrow night for "elf radio". This area has way too many stations and the one I thought was clean was picking up some country station.

It turns out it was a bad right side port on unit 01. Since they were in different locations and I needed 01 to be able to handle two connectors, I renamed the units (01 to 02 & 02 to 01) so the old 02 would be in the first position and I wasn't required to redo the sequences. I also took the extra long plastic on the end of the connectors off so there was no chance more damage could be caused.

I really appreciate the help.

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