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UK LOR V2.8 user 32 channels with big problems


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Attempted to go live 2nite & had issues.
Currently using LOR 2.08 with 32 channels.
System works flawlesly using the sequence editor to control lights.
Created a show in show editor
Set schedule in schedule editor
Enabled shows
1st show runs flawlesly then...
2 (mother says 4 but shes had a lot of wine lol) channels stay stuck ON with no next show. Circuit boards have steady burning LEDS so connected to pc.

I need help I am really desperate as I am away at university from sunday till 14th december & my parents cant even use a PC let alone fathom LOR.

Many thanks from your young & eager cousin from across the pond


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would having a sequence that accidently has some channels configured for LOR Cards & some for dasher cards cause any Problems except for Certain channels not lighting up? Ps sequences run ok in sequence editor. with dasher channels not lighting. Can this affect prescheduled Shows?

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