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First Christmas Show Ever


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I've have gotten our first ever Christmas show up and running, and for being on a postage stamp sized lot, I think it looks OK for a first attempt.  Sorry for the poor video quality, but the video camera is 11 years old.


Yes, I've stolen shamelessly from WoWlights in the setup, and I'm using their Sequences, but the Light-O-Rama hardware makes it easy, and possible.


We currently have 45 of 48 channels in use, with 4050 lights, and I'm thinking about adding Red and Green floods pointed at the front porch of the house.


The video is only about a minute, but you'll get the picture.


CTB16PC x3


FM transmitter



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Looks good. I know you purchased sequences but other people don't. Less is sometimes better. The house is dark. Would definitely do something with that with remaining channels. You might want to leave an empty channel or two in case you have issues with a triac. I have 4 extra controllers just as backup. I would recommend having spares for everything. Any component fails on my display I can have it up and going in 10 minutes. That includes the PC controlling it. Backup and think ahead. I learned the hard way... Looks better than mine did first couple years. Good job!

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