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My first video


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Can always count on George having something smart alec to say. Actually a tripod would do very little good where my house is. I'm the second house off a busy, fast-moving truck bypass. So getting a shot from that direction only picks up noise and the first houses' oleanders.  A shot from the opposite end of the street has much of my yard, including the ribbon tree, blocked by a large tree between my yard and the neighbors yard. A wide angle camera would be nice for a straight on, or slightly off view.  My front yard is about 120' wide so I need to be back further...like on the roof of my neighbor, if I want to capture it all with a tripod. But...I use my iphone/ipad for the majority of my pics/vids and since i'm not entering a contest or concern myself too much with the quality of the video but rather the smiles that my display generates...it's good enough for me! :)

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