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I had a thought after setting up


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I have set up my show and lights for the first year and I am ready to go. I am already thinking about what I can do for next year. I had a thought. My house sits on the corner of a very busy street and a not so busy street. My house front faces the busy street. I was thinking about for next year that I do my main show on the side of my house. I have more yard and more outlets that I could work with that way anyway.


what are some thoughts on doing that or would it just not look right? I have tons of bushes and trees that I can do and some gutters that I could hang icicle lights from. Would it look silly to just do the side of the house in icicle lights for the show? or should I just stick to the front which I am limited in space and electrical outlets?

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First show? - I bet you will enjoy the season so much that you decorate both spaces in the future.

Buy more cords...


The best opinions will be live opinions - people who are there with you on your corner.

Friends and family so to speak.


Good luck.

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thanks for that. By show I mean first year trying LOR. I have had a blast setting this up and getting it going. It has been confusing at times, but I love a good challenge. I can't wait till next year, Lord willing. :D

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If you're letting the need for extension cords dictate where you decorate, while I look out my window at about four miles of cords, we need to talk.  Seriously.


And for what it's worth, friends and family are probably the WORST people to ask for opinions.  If they're friends, OF COURSE they're going to say complimentary things, so that rules out their credibility.  And family members are going to answer in accordance with their own bias regarding the entire process of having a synchronized display, so that rules out their objectivity as well.


If you want an honest opinion, wander around while people are there without letting on who you are and strike up a conversation or three.  They'll tell strangers bolder truths than they'll tell YOU. 


And if there aren't people there to mingle with in the first place, then you have bigger fish to fry and any answer you receive here is immaterial.


I say both sides.

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