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Not receiving "off command"?


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I don't know how else to explain it.  But, the channel will fire off and the lights come on as it should, but then they forget to go off when they're supposed to.  It takes another "on" command for the lights on that channel to get another chance to go "off" when that "on" (or fade up/down, or shimmer, or) command completes.


This happens occasionally throughout the show, and is random in the songs and random with the controllers / channels.  Maybe 6-7 times during a 12-song show (35 mins).  For me, that's 6-7 times too many.


Configuration can be MP3 director, or running the show from the laptop.  Either configuration has the issue appear.


34 controllers (mix of G2 vs G3; mix of res vs pro)

No RGBs.  No DMX.  No universes (or, does that mean 1 universe?)

99% LEDs (dimmable); 1% incandescents.

Several light linkers in the "yard".


What am I doing wrong here?

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