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How do I print out my controller assignments


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I have 176 channels and divided them all into color etc etc  


So all white and all red are together



Is there a way to print out  a list of what channels ive assigned where




Unit 1  Channel 01 Wreath

Unit 1 Channel 02 Right drive tree



Unit 2 channel 1 arch 1   

Unit 2 channel 2 arch 2 


You get the point 




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Don I did find that but it lists things how I sequenced them by color.....



Is there any way to sort in in order of unit/channel?????



so its tough to make sense of it.....

LOL starting year 1 with 176 channels was BAD idea!  LOL

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print that list to a txt file and then import it into excel.  There you can sort by Unit# and channel #

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