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CCP sequencing lagging and jerky


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I hope someone can help here.


My e131 works great - no problems there.


I sequenced 6 CCPs for a 24x25 mega tree and the SE is very jerky and even freezes sometimes during play back. This messes up the rest of the sequences on the e131, even on the actual lights. Remove the CCP track and all is good. Just CCP track - bad.  Visualizer, simulation mode, SE playback, auto configged, raw lms straight from SS -if its a CCP sequence its bad.


Any Ideas what I am doing wrong? I can always run the show without the CCPs, for now. hope I wont have to!





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Well its not just CCPs, CCRs that are exported to SE same thing. Common denominator is SS effects. If it has SS morphs or smooth effects and exported to SE as ccp or ccr, it will stutter the SE, even small files. Doesn't mess up SE when exported as dmx channels.

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I have a couple of sequences that used the SS smooth effects heavily and I had the same problem. I had to go back and re-sequence with fewer or no smooth effects to fix the problem.  Morphs don't seem to be a problem at all.

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