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Keeping Tracks Hidden


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Is there any type of default setting where you can keep tracks hidden until you physically unhide them?

Adding a bunch of tracks to sequences this year and would be nice that when I open a sequence to edit, that tracts are all hidden instead of havinto to hide them all, each time the sequence is open. I want to see just the tract I'm working on and not all the other track clutter.  Doesn't take much to hide all the tracks each time but it's still a PITA when doing a ton of multi sequence editing.

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Agree !  I would like to be able to do this too. 

There are many other settings stored in the .lsv  but not this one.   It would also be nice to completely hide.. meaning no row saying the track name. 

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dividing up your sequencing in a somewhat of logical order ie:


front yard




tracks allow you to group things and re-combine them in some order that would make sense to you, how you have your display layed out

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Since I mentioned I was using 17 tracks, I will explain that a bit.  BTW, that was for 2014.  2015 is different because of changes in S4 did not force me to do things the way I did in 2014.  The first track was the master track that had every channel in the order it was added.  Channels were never deleted from the master track.  This was done so that a change could be made and then the config exported and later imported into other sequences without messing anything up.  The second track was all the channels that were sequenced in SuperStar -  in the order that SuperStar exported them.  I could take an exported SuperStar sequence, and copy the entire sequence, and then paste it into track two, and have all the SuperStar sequencing laid down where it was supposed to be.  The third track was the working track for everything except the pixel tree and star, and the fourth was the 12 string pixel tree.  The rest of the tracks all related to the 360 pixel star on top of the tree.  In SuperStar, the pixel star was treated as simply 6 white channels (as most of them are). However, in Sequence Editor, it was transformed into the 360 RGB channels that it actually was.  The result was that I had a bunch of tracks with all or some of the channels arranged differently, so I could do things like a chase on one track would produce a vertical sweep and another track would result in a horizontal sweep.  Therefore, the tracks for the star went like this:

5:  The six rings, plus the center fill area

6:  The five legs of the star

7:  Only the points and valleys for each ring arranged by ring

8:  Only the points and valleys for each ring arranged by leg

9:  The four physical strips that made up the star - only used for one demo

10:  A vertical sweep across the star

11:  A horizontal sweep across the star

12:  A sweep from leg 1 (lower left point) to the valley at the upper right.

13:  A sweep from leg 5 (lower right point) to the valley at the upper left

14:  A sweep from leg 1 to leg 3 (top)

15:  A sweep from leg 5 to leg 3

16:  A rotation around the star

17:  A pixel multiplier that was only used for the conversion from 6 channels to 360 RGB channels.

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