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Ramsey FM 30, HELP...............


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Hi all,


I am going to puke blood tonight! I tested my show all this week. To night when I was well.... going to turn on the lights for the public, there was no sound!!! I tested out the out put of the computer, the cord going from the computer to the FM transmitter. all good! if the FM transmitter is near the radio u can here it, as you go further away like 10 feet sounds like hell!!! Did the FM transmitter take a dump on me?


Thanks Bill

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Hi Bill,

I built 2 Ramsey LPFM xmitters. 28B and 30 B . Did you build it yourself?   Possible long shot here...You could have high  vertical standing wave ratio output to your antenna because of bad soldering at the antenna BNC connector or maybe you have lost  amplifier gain for power output. You could be getting high reflective power back to your amps. If this happens you could burn out the amps.  Did you check the power meter output level (if your unit has LCD display my FM 30B has this display.    I think back to my CB radio and  antenna matching days. Hardly an expert on this but maybe others more RF savvy can  answer this better.  



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