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Problems with show editor


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I'm using the show editor to build my show.  I have one seq. in the startup.  Then I have 12 seq. in the musical.  When I enable the show.  The startup seq plays then the 1st seq. from musical.  Then they loop.  What could I be missing?  In the musical section I have the (play in order) selected.  Not sure what I have missed.  Any help would be appreciated.   I am running v3.12.0 standard





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What do you mean by "they loop?"


After the start up sequence(s) play, the sequences that you have in the musical section would play, looping after it reaches the last one, until the end of the show. It would then move to the shutdown tab.

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Run the LOR Verifier against your show. See what errors it comes up with. You might also bring up the status window (Look in LOR control panel) to see what messages are being displayed.

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This is what would happen if the schedule were such that the show ends during the second song, and then the show is scheduled to start up again.  So, for example, let's say your startup sequence and each of your main musical sequences are, say, two minutes long apiece.  And the schedule is:


12:00 - 12:03: Play the show

12:04 - 12:07: Play the show


Then what would happen is this:


12:00: Show starts

12:00: Startup sequence starts

12:02: Startup sequence ends

12:02: First musical sequence starts

12:03: Show goes into shutdown mode (note that the musical sequence is allowed to finish naturally)

12:04: First musical sequence ends

12:04: Show ends

12:04: Show starts

12:04: Startup sequence starts

12:06: Startup sequence ends

12:06: First musical sequence starts

12:07: Show goes into shutdown mode

12:08: First musical sequence ends

12:08: Show ends


Is it possible that your schedule is set up in some way like that?

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