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looking for CHICKEN DANCE..

Old Sarge

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Looking for Chicken Dance... has anyone done it that has it ti share.. My little niece wants it for her birthday party.


Thanks in advance




I have approx 60 seq. to share ( all FREE) e mail me for list. 


all I ask is that you share them also and that in some way you have a tribute to our veterans that cannot be home this holiday season and that if you take donations please make sure it goes to someone who really needs it and not into someones stock pile somewhere.


Thanks to all that share sequences and info here on the forums and to all the vets serving that come here. I, like many, do plan on having part of my show as a tribute for the vets.

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I have had it in my show for several years. You can see the 2010 version in my YouTube links below.

If you pm your email, I am happy to send my 2012 sequence and music if that version suits your needs. (The latest version is too big to email as I have included a CCB)

Regards  Geoff

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