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Well...do I cancel...or keep trying.

David Barnett

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First off I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that has offered me assistance this year on my Christmas Show.


It has been some trying moments.  Things were coming together.  Then on NOV 4 , I had a lot of pain in my right arm.


Long story short, broke my right elbow. :-(


I had everything ready to go for the setup, pipes,PVC etc.  Till the injury. NOw it sits in the backyard untouched.


I have a good friend that is most of the time able to help me, as well as his son.  He is tied up this year from work.


I have spent the time learning about the E.131 and DMX mysteries.  Light bulbs have gone off, I think I get it. Or at least most of it.


Also, trying to work on sequences as well, as much as I can with this injury.


Now, I'm at a point....yes, my friend may still be able to help; but can't count on it.   I'm restricted for another 6 weeks.


I live in the Colleyville area. (Dallas FT. Worth). It was suggested I post this, in that maybe some have already got their show up and running, that could help.


If not, understand.  Bad timing on my part.    I'm just at that moment of decision time.


PM me if you wish.




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Sorry to hear this.

Elbow broken? Just sounds bad...

Really stinks when your body won't cooperate.

Hope you can figure out how to at least get part of your display up.

Good luck with it.

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As Mega Arch posted, I hope for the best. But if it doesn't happen, keep focused for next year. Sounds like you had a game plan for this year but if it doesn't work out, keep your head up for next year.

Hopefully someone close by you can assist.

I would if I were close by.

Keep positive.


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Thanks guys, appreciate the support. I haven't given up yet.

You never know when a little luck may hit.

Happy Thanksgiving ALL



Great attitude about it all David.

Happy thanksgiving to you too.

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