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Instant sequence for led mega tree

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I searched this forum but I still haven't found an answer, so sorry if this is a repeat, hopefully it's not.

I want to use the instant feature fo create something for my 16 channel mega tree. I can create a sequence just fine but when it gets created only 5 or so channels from the mega tree are coordinated together. How to I tell it to group the 16 channels together? Know what I mean?

This feature is so nice for last minute sequencing and I love it. I just want to figure how to use it with my mega tree.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.


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I don't have it on it's own but I could probably do that. I was just wondering if there was a way to group 16 channels into an effect so when it does the instant sequence it would ddi something with those 16 channels in some sort of pattern, chase, etc..

Seems like sequencing the mega tree is the most challenging for me. I don't want all the chases and effects to look the same.

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