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Where to begin ? What lights to buy?


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Hi everyone,


Serious Noob here...


Where does everyone buy their lights ?  I am looking for RGB LEDs IP68 (that will work in very cold weather ) but there are so many kinds and makes and stuff and i have no idea what will work with LOR.   I thought i found some at a decent price but they were only 15ft strands that needed a control every strand !!


I am looking for an RGB LED that is at least 100ft long to 'wrap' my house in a layered look. 


Maybe i reading the descriptions wrong.


Please help.  Work with me.  Ive always wanted to do this but the hardware is really confusing me.



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The better quality lights are found online such as thechristmaslightshow, ledgen, holidaylightexpress and many more. Look for full wave lights that easily allow dimming. If you elect to go to big box stores, stay away from Marha lights at Home Depot. They will not dim and there's been a report(s) of fires associated. I use lights from Target, BigLots, Lowes and so on, but for my megatrees, I wanted good quality so I went with holiday light express.

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