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Show starts but does not run....


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WOW.... :shock: I feel stupid...

It helps if you dont move the mp3 from the folder lor reads it from, and forget to save the sequence after moving it. Sorry for the false alarm.

I am having a problem with getting my show to work, Only the lights that are on for the first beat of the first song stay on and nothing else. With 2 days left to turn on time, I hope I can get this fixed. I have never used lor1 to program anything this was all done in lor2gamma. I only have one sequence in the show. (I am going to add more but this is a test run) (also I haven't finished programming my other sequences) the sound file is a mp3

The show is saved, the schedule is saved, the sequence plays fine on the computer in the sequence editor(windows xp). I am running 2.0.4

any suggestions

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