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Same unit IDs for CCR controllers?


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My first year with CCRs.  I bought the 2 CCR license of SS to see how it goes.  Impressive once you get the hang of it.

I have 8 CCRs available.  I am decorating a float for a parade and I would like to use more than 2 CCRs and since the float will be symmetrical on both sides and have the same "show" running on both sides, can I use more than 2 CCRs if I give them the same unit IDs?  

More specifically, on one side of the float would be 4 CCRs but 2 would have an ID of 08 for example and the other 2 would have an ID of 09.  The other side of the float would be identical, 2 CCRs with an ID of 08 and the other 2 with an ID of 09.  I understand that each pair with the same ID would be doing the exact same thing, but right now programming time is tight and people only see the float for 20 seconds so it is more about the "flash"  and less about it being very detailed.  So can I run all 8 CCRs with 4 of them having one ID and the other 4 having a different ID and all programmed once as 2 CCRs using my 2 CCR SS license?


Additionally, from reading another thread, it seems like the 2 license SS only lets me program a sequence for 2 CCRs but I can program multiple sequences separately in SS and send them to a regular sequence and have that sequence played on more than 2 CCRs with different IDs.  I understand this would take more programming time and that is why I would rather do my earlier idea of having many CCRs with the same unit IDs. But is it an option to use 8 CCRs that the sequence contains 4 SS sequences created with a 2 CCR license?




Update.  I just tested it with 2 CCRs set to the same unit ID and it worked fine.  So hopefully it will be fine with 8 CCRs, 4 set to one id, the other 4 set to another id.

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