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What Do I Need to Get Upgrades


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I bought the advanced license, but when I try to update to 3.12 it tells me I need to purchase a license. I dont see any higher than advanced.



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There are several options to move to newer versions of our software. Those options depended on your budget, what your current license level is, if you want to move to a new level, or if you want an add-on. 

Option 1: 
If you have any license level other than Advanced and want to increase your level (Say from Basic+ to Standard) you can purchase an UPGRADE. The upgrade not only increases your software level, but also entitles you to updates for 1 year. If you have Basic or Basic+, this is the best value for the money: An upgrade to Basic+ from Basic is $20, while an upgrade from Basic+ to Standard is $30. 

Option 2: 
If you have Advanced, or want to stay at the level you are currently at, purchase a license RENEWAL for $29.95. That will allow you to use any future updates for 1 year. 

Option 3: 
You can purchase the SuperStar add-on, starting at $49.95. When you purchase a superstar add on, you are also given a complimentary license renewal (the same one you would get if you purchased option 2 above). 

Remember: Your software is good for life and does NOT expire. Only your ability to go to newer versions requires a license renewal or upgrade.

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