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Possible bug with background?(Or just my ignorance?)


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I am new to LOR, so I started with version 2 right off the bat.

I have my show created with a background animation, and about 8 musical sequences.

My Background animation "Sign On.las" is just a 1 minute sequence which turns on my sign. I have it set to loop about 30 times, so it does not stop running during the show.

My first musical sequence (titled "5 minute warning.lms") is exactly 5 minutes long, and is nothing more than some basic static lights over some nice music with a voice over every mintute to count down to show time. (Very Simple)

My problem is that using the Sequence editor, my "5 minute warning.lms" sequence runs perfectly. BUT, when run in a show, the sequence starts like it should, but after 1 minuted exactly, all the lights go dark, instead of staying on with the music for the full 5 minutes.:shock:

I removed my Background animation "Sign On.las" and it works fine, the lights stay on the whole time.... (The only reason I thought to try this was that my background is exactly one minutes as well)

Any ideas???? Am I doing this wrong....

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First of all, could you please send me a copy of your sequence files, and your show file?

Second: Sequences put into the "background" section will automatically loop back to their start when they reach their end, so you don't have to manually put a loop into them. So, could you please try changing your background sequence so that it doesn't contain that loop, and see if that helps?

Please send me a copy of the sequence before making that change, though.


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Bob, I sent you an email containing what you asked for.

I also included the below information.

In an effort to at least get up and running problem free, I made the change that you mentioned (remove the loop).

It did not fix the problem. When my “Main Show” starts, my first sequenced is 5 minutes long. It is just a countdown using bed music, and voice over periodically with very basic lights. After exactly 1 minute into my first sequence of my show, all the lights go out. When the next sequence starts (My intro), everything works fine…. Have no Idea what is going on…

I have attached the entire sequence directory, and my show files. Not sure if it matters, but I am NOT using the default directories.

Like I mentioned in my post above if I remove my “SIGN ON.las” background animation, everything works fine, but then I have no sign control….

Thank you in advance for any help…


Attached files Troubleshoot Background.zip

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In an effort to help you get up and running over the weekend.

I looked at the information you posted to send to BOB. in your Sign ON.las file, try taking out all the channels except the one you have titled 2-16 Sign.

The channels 1-1 thru 1-8 are telling the lights to turn off when the sequences is cycling through after the first time.

I hope that helps.


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Chuck, I forgot to reply to your post as well...

I did that as well, I went as far as removing the Sign channel (32) from all my sequences, and removing ALL other channels (1- 31) from my sign sequence.

Same issue...



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I have 32 channels, so not sure how 8 channels got there when you opened it up???

I specifically deleted them all in my sequence file and they are still not there on my system.....

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