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Is there a way I can change its speed? Way too slow for my song. It's set in 90 degree rotation, moving from bottom to top. However, if I set it in 0 degree rotation, moving left to right or vs then it spins way too fast.

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The speed at which text scrolls depends on the length of the text and the time length of text action. If you scroll a long word with a text action that is 1 second long it will go very fast. Increase the time and the speed will slow down. Reduce the length of the text and the speed will slow down as well.


The start coordinate and end coordinate is a factor as well.


Also, be aware that text often has problems scrolling smoothly. White text is the worst case because it has to send red, green, and blue commands to get white. So if you do Red text, only 1/3 as many commands have to be sent. So Red text will scroll more smoothly than white text.

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Thanks Brian. I found out the ending oordination was the culprit. Is there an option to have scrolling text with colored background. The only thing I was able to do is static text with masking.

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