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Convert Superstar/CCP with Macros to RGB?


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I have purchased a sequence that was designed for  an 8 CCP - 16 strand mega tree and I want to convert it to run on standard RGB nodes.  

It appears to have been sequenced in SuperStar and it uses macros at various timings (sequence information is only in first RGB channel for that string).  I only have the LMS file.

Does anyone know of a utility, or other tips & tricks to convert this sequnce, short of manual copy/paste to the other 49 RGB channels?



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Hi Mike, I went through something similar I believe.


It is a little involved, not too complicated.   If you PM me a contact, or I can give you my info. We may be able to get the setup to work.


Question: You say the sequence info is only in the first string.  Could it be that the strings are grouped maybe?  If it is mostly Macros, then my method won't work I'm afraid.


Let me know if you would like to try.


I'm pretty much available anytime right now.




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The macros are used at various timings during the entire sequence - maybe 20% of the entire sequence.  As I understand it, there is a macro channel (one of the seven at the bottom of the sequence for that string) that essentially instructs to apply the sequencing in channel 1 to the other 49 channels (there is no sequencing in channel 2-50).


I sent you a PM and can share some more information tonight.

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What a coincidence - I got an email from HolidayCoro today with a link to the same video (I have a PixLite 16).  It was helpful on setting it up, but not much on actually converting sequences.

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Attached is a screenshot of the sequence.


Here is what I was told by the author:


...we use macros in some parts of the sequences to minimize network traffic so you would have to modify the sequences to work. To do this open the sequence, expand the CCP strands one at a time, scroll down and locate the "LR" channel, select it from beginning to end, press G to toggle, then locate the parts of the "LR" channel that are off. For these parts you need to either copy and paste timing from the first pixel to all pixels on that strand or select the area to duplicate and then drag down over all of the pixels and click H to duplicate the timing on all pixels. Then collapse the strand and continue until all 16 strands are done. Once they are all done you can copy and paste timing from them to your pixels.


There has to be an easier way...


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