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Using set up and tear down in your favor

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On November 1st I started taking down the Halloween stuff and hanging the Christmas props. As I was removing a Singing element from the side of the house I noticed something weird in a area of the house that is never exposed from the yard. Termites. SNAP!!!! So over the last week all the lights I aways leave up between the Halloween and Christmas had to come down so they could tent the house. mostly the roof items. As a result, I may be starting up the Christmas show late this year. the house Is getting tented today back in on Wednesday start setting up then. I got to thinking that from now on I will use the setting up and tear down to inspect the house every year for anything that might need to be addressed. Just wanted to share my experience.


Kenny Jure

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This is why I over kill my house.

It might be a Hazmat nightmare, but no bugs live within twenty feet of my house and I don't have to hear the wife scream about spiders.


The previous owner had the house termite treated.

So under the house I have a hole drilled every eight inches into the block.

I fill those holes a couple times each year with extra strong mixture of poisons.


I miss the days of the extremely toxic poisons; diazinon and dursban, those killed everything with one dosage.

Now you have to treat often and regularly. 

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I would be following your lead on this but I live on the left coast where it's easier to find marijuana then it is to find a poison to kill bugs or weeds for home use. 



The wooden props were left in the garage and they're getting the treatment too.  ;)

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