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Matrix (Again) of SB-16 DIY kits..........


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Greetings all.


 Ok, FIRST OFF, I have some stuff that i do NOT want to dim.... (Keep that thought in the back of your head).


2nd, They are 16 channels of deer wireframes that will have about 4 deer on each channel.


3rd,  I'm going to replace the optocouplers (MOC-3011's) with MOC-3031's ( 0 crossing NON-dimmable) on THIS controller. this will in effect make this controller  just a bank of relays for all intensive purposes.


4th, Since this controller is on/off, I'm going to make an add on box that has 32 male pigtails (Male)... AND 64 duplex outlets (wall outlets)


The one set of 16 pigtails will be feed through from another controller, to internal relays that will be controlled FROM the modified controller.


Some of you might know this, but there is a tang that can be removed, making the brass colored side of the wall outlets separate, SO, on 48 of the wall outlets, they will actually be 96 separate outlets controlled by the 16 and 16 matrix , the other last 16 outlets are for the deer wireframes.




I need to produce 64 (or better)  individual 12 watt red lamps (Rudolf's noze) going off into the sky   (up to the top of my antenna tower.


I might use an amphnol multi-connector in place of the 48 (96) outlets as the entire set of lamps all run on one guywire (64 lamps 2 feet apart to make a "chase").


The mega-tree is in the works, and this is part of that same show....




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