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some 48 channel seq I just finished. with megs tree, and archs and 8 minis.

Old Sarge

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I just finished some 48 channel sec.

I have 8 mini trees, a two color mega, and 4 archs ran as two. and some misc.


I am a newbie so please don't expect my seq to be as great as some of the pros and old timers here..... LOL... just caught in the LOR hobby just before Halloween.




Thanks to James, and many others who has sent me things to look at and study for helping me learn more.

1. 70's Rock Classic mix

2.70's Disco Mix

3.Adoro, Los Panchos ( Very nice older Spanish song for my wife)

4. All Day Music, War

5. Blue Christmas, Elvis

6. Christmas Celebration, BB King

7. Curse of the Ice Queen

8. (Disney) Believe

9. Do you Hear What I Hear

10. Don't Stop Believing, Journey

11. Little Saint Nick, Beach Boys

12. Please Come Home for Christmas, The Eagles

13. Polar Express, Album cut

14. Pop Corn, Hot Butter

15. Rockin Robin, The Coasters

16. Stille Nacht, Luciano P

17.  Takin Care of Business, Bachman-Turner Overdrive

18. The Story in Your Eyes, Moody Blues

19. THX Repair of my lights,


Thanks to Super Star for the assistance in making these.




It may take me a while But I will try to send to people who request them. Try to not wear me out but I do not know how to compress or zip files so it may take more then one mail to send your requests.

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Thanks to all and to the ones who has shared so much with me. I learned a lot from you all.. I would post a video but sorry I Don't Know How.. Maybe someone will teach me that sometime.


I think the files I send includes my animation but it is not exactly like my display. I have a spiraling megs tree I made but I do not know how to draw it. I will be happy to send you my file if that will help.. I also Have my version of Let it Go finished. this is my updated list of what I have..added to the list above.


20. Granada, by Ramon Algeciras (Flamingo Guitar)  ( my wife wanted it )

21. Let it Go, From Frozen


I don't know why but I do know how to copy and paste just somehow I think IE11 doesn't let me copy past anything here and I cannot even add a link to my Halloween display that I put on u tube..


Thanks to all again for the help you all have given me sense I started with LOR the first part of OCT..



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I was sending to all who asked. having Mail sever problems right now with yahpoo. I will try again as soon as the mail sever comes back up. Some got part and as soon as I can i will send the others you asked for.



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I think I managed to answer and or send to all their request. and NikMik05.


I have so many (33 and growing as we talk) and being so close we can maybe meet for coffee somewhere and I can just burn them all off and give you a copy of what I have. A lot faster then trying to mail them.


Carls Jr at S and 25th or Jack in the box by Walmart or star bucks down at 47th and Ave S. You Pick...lol


who knows... maybe we can kinda start a Palmdale area LOR club.


I know there are a few others here and In Quarts Hill for sure because we have caught each other here before.

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