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where do I buy a joshusystem controller ? I found smart ccr 60 led ribbon need to buy controller that 180 channels that will also lick up with lor software any idea ? thanks for the help

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Email them and ask the questions you wish. These run on E1. 31 DMX over TCPIP protocol. Its easier than it sounds. You'll also need a small 5 volt power supply to run the board and if your strip is 12 Volt, you'll need a power supply for those. If your strip is 5 volts, then just one 5 volt power suppply will work but sized up a bit. If its going to sit outside, you'll have to have an enclosure too...CG1500 works nicely. Setting it up is a bit tricky but once you understand how it works with LOR, its easy. Doublecheck and make sure that the strip you bought is an intelligent type and not a dumb strip...two different controllers. 60 LEds is only 180 channels and the JoshuaSystems P12S card can do over 6000 channels.


Let me add: I asked that you insure you have an "Intelligent or smart" strip first instead of a "dumb" strip. This controller is not compatible with both...it only talks to "smart" strips, pixels, nodes and etc, such as CCR type devices. CCR stands for LOR's, Cosmic Color Ribbon which are not the same that anyone else sells.

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