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Warm vs. Pure white newb problem


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So I've been feverishly installing my C6 mini lights on my 7 mini-trees.  I got to tree number 7 last night only to realize that the warm white strings i ordered were indeed pure white (I only realized it as the last string I put on was the only 'warm' set they sent).  Yes, I did test them prior to putting them on, but I'm new and didn't realize difference.  I assumed they were warm white (as they were all the same).  


This close to 'lights on', I don't think cutting hundreds of zip ties and unwinding the 'pure' white ones from the red ones is an option.  I can live with he pure white, however, I have 300 'warm' white C9 bulbs on the house that no longer match.  


Would it look odd to have pure white mini-tress and warm-white C9s on the house?  Any one have any other ideas? 


I'm not keen on the pure white look, but I'm considering having the vendor swap all my warm C9s with pure white ones.  







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Ouch. Nice surprise. :(

Don't be hard on yourself. Unless plugged in next to another strand, many of us wouldn't catch it either.

I think the pure white is the way to ultimately go myself. Yeah - way too close to show time for surprises.

As long as you don't mix the colors in your props, must viewers wont know you didn't do it on purpose.

Then change the roofline out to match next year.

Sorry - good luck.

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I agree, Don't sweat it. I have a few different whites in my display and hardly noticeable (only by you) As long as they are not n the same prop I think your fine

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Sometimes things happen and work out for the better.

I think you will be okay and all will look good.

I prefer the pure-white myself but see how it goes. It might blend in nicely.

Mixing LEDs isn't so bad.

Mixing LED and ican strands make for a different result in the display. Something that really stands out.

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I honestly like the pure white bluish tint...Warm white has a yellow look..to me of course...You will ultimately be your harshest critic...

I suppose different vendors get lights from different sources, so it's hard to know when you're comparing apples to apples. But to my eyes and using CDI as a baseline since their colors haven't changed perceptibly to me since 2008, the white with bluish tint you describe is actually cool white. I like that color also because it has a cold look to it against snow.

Pure white is basically the cool white without the bluish tint. Great color, whiter white, bright like a white Crayola crayon.

DERAIL ALERT: Anyone remember Crayola mini lights?

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So after reading all your responses and thinking over the weekend.  I decided to just go for all 'pure white' in my display (I really like the look of the mini-trees I've finished).  I called the vendor this morning and explained my predicament. They were very helpful, understanding and apologetic (for sending the wrong lights in the first place) and they are allowing me to swap all my remaining warm white bulbs for pure white.  


Unbelievable customer service!  Thank you Holiday Light Express.  

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Awesome. I have to cool white and also the warm white in my display and it looks fantastic. I have them in different elements so they kind of stand out as being separate entities.

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