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CCR2DMX Application Available Now


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A lot of us are using SuperStar to sequence our Pixel Trees.

Even more are using non-LOR pixels to create the display.


There have been many threads on how to create the visualization file using CCR's then sequencing them in SuperStar, exporting them then copying the sequence into the LOR sequencer.

What I thought was a big issue was having to go in and manually delete the 7 macro channels per string. If you have a 12 string tree your having to delete 84 channels. I know some of you have even 24 and I even know of one 40 string tree (Thats 40x7= 280 channels to manually delete)


At first I wrote a simple VBScript to do take care of this for me. I have used it many times in my sequences and it works very well. The VBscript version was a little cumbersome. The code to select the file called the Word File Dialog box which meant you had to have Word and you had to call the script from the command line using csript and it automatically created a second output file with RTI- in front of the file name so as not to change the original file.


I redeisgned the app using VB.NET and created a standalone executable. I have tested it and it works just as well as the Script version. When opened, you simply click on open and it opens a diaglog box for you to select the file you want to work on. The app automatically starts looking in your LOR sequences directory. If you move your files .. you can navigate to them. Once you start the process, it runs on its own. It will make a sound and show you a status when complete. You can then SAVE the file. I suggest giving it a different name when you save it but you can save it back to the original if you want. Finally there is a CLOSE button to exit the app. (Shameless plug... there is a link to our website on the screen as well.. )


I have put the app in my Drop Box folder. You are welcome to grab a copy from:



This is a Beta.. (but it seems to be working).. there might be certian button pushes or events that I have not experienced. If you find something or have a question, you can PM me or send me an email at bob_moodytx (at) yahoo.com


Like you I am working on my display and you may already be past needing this. If so .. thats ok .. thank you for reading ... grab a copy.. maybe you can use it later..

Anyway .. I would appreciate any and all feedback ...



One LAST NOTE ... This is a compiled VB application. Some virus scanners may complain (I have avast and it originally did) .. There isnt any nasties, data collection, spyware, malware in the app. Its simply parses an XML file, deletes the macro channels and saves the file.


I hope this is helpful to the community. The LOR forum has always been a helpful to me and I hope I can return the favor ..


Bob Moody

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Hi Bob, this has been very helpful. thank you!  I had to do this for a few files today and your program saved me alot of time :-)

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Great to hear. I know a sequencer as prolific as you are this could save you some time. I appreciate you taking a look at it and I certainly admire your work.


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Thank you Bob! I started the original process with 4 sequences (before using your program). Took a very long time. But yesterday I used your program and only took minutes to complete the rest. So, again, THANK YOU :-D

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I have updated the CCR2DMX application.

I added a checkbox with a persistent value for an AUTOSAVE feature.

(Persistent value means it will create a folder in the ...\appdata\local directory to store the saved value. Each time you open the app it will present the last value known. In other words, you dont have to select the AUTOSAVE checkbox everytime you open the applicaiton)


If you check the AUTOSAVE box, you wont have to manually select the output file after you have opened and processed the file.

With AUTOSAVE, the after the file is processed, it will automaticall save the file with a "DMX_" prefix.


In other words, if you process the file ABC_SUP.LMS, it will AUTOSAVE as DMX_ABC_SUP.LMS.


The app has been updated in my DropBox shown in my original post.




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Bob, I finally got a chance to take a peek at this. Works like a charm. This will make copy and paste a whole lot easier. Thanks for your work on this. Folks like you that can create these little programs to help out are really appreciated.


Again, Thank you.



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I can say it is a wicked awesome program. Bob I would like to extend my gratitude to you for creating this program.


Thank You

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