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making a spirial tree with visualizer

Old Sarge

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I am a newbie and looked over the forums about visualizer and could not find my answer here.


I am making a mega tree 2 color every other channel blue and multicolor. I want it to SPIRIAL 2 1/2 times. How do I do that in visualizer?


I found the wizard etc. but have not figured out how to make my light string spirial around and I cannot find it on the mega tree wizards if it is there... any help is greatly appreciated.

I plan on using 16 channels for the mega tree with every other string a diff color.


I do have advanced license and do plan on purchasing super star in the very near future.


I have searched the tutorials and cannot find my answer there.. Thank you



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Sonoma, Thanks for the tip.  I downloaded it.  Exported, Imported the prop into my visualizer.  Cool Tool!

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Thanks, I will try it. My tree right now is just straight up and down.... thanks


Tried it... downloaded it read the pdf etc.


My question.. after I make a spiral how to I save it in a file or what file do I save it in. Like I said... I am a newbie


I did make my basic tree, height etc. and one string of lights, but how and where do I save it, what file or name etc. do I export it to?


also how do I make it so there is more then just (1) spiral on it? or is that done after I make one and save somewhere to use in my visualizer?


Thanks but as I said.... I AM A NEWBIE to LOR but I do know some about computers just not a real expert on them.



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copy the file I sent you into your Light O Rama / Visualisations / Prop folder.


Then in the visualiser select Edit / Import / prop file and select it.  It will create a 16 channel spiral tree.





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Sarge make it as a weber tree instead of a spiral tree.Spiral tree gives you one chan. weber gives you more flexibility. see screen shots below.

When you export the tree make sure it goes in your prop files for visualizer. then goto visualizer edit import prop weber tree and assign the channels.

Hope this helps good luck!!!!  






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I am soooooooo confused.... i have no idea what i am trying to do.

tried step by step and still couldn't get it to work....lol  

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what part is the most confusing? making the tree? assigning channels? More info and maybe I could help,.after you make the weber tree you need to export to visualizer file see pic from post above.once you have it there open your visualizer program goto edit+import+prop file+ weber tree. then you will have to assign channels to every slice of the tree see picture below.  







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I downloaded the LOROC software but I can't create a tree in it, I keep getting an error about the decimal value is too large. Does anyone know what gives?



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