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So I have 7 CCPs to build a tree.  I want to have lights dropping from the top down at random speed, order, and length (the number of pixels that make up falling rays/dots).  Is there a way to do this ?  I've been looking at the videos but I haven't found my "ah hah" moment yet. 

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I did a 12 string sequence like that 2 years ago.  Did not find an easy way to do that in Superstar, but turned out to be quite easy in SE.  If you want my sequence, I can send it to you.  Send me an address if you want it.

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As the others have mentioned, there is no tool that easily creates an effect like you mention. You need to do what Tom Boyd describes and create each morph individually.

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I have had success with a quick and easy method:

1. In the first line of a CCD, make a head and then a trailing fade off.   You may need to experiment for an exact thing you are looking for, but I find this really simple.

2. Cascade that element to the last row of the CCD.

3. Push the work in forground button and copy the chase.

4. Change the raido dial to STRETCH TO FIT and check the paste to be paste from foreground box.

5. Now highlight a box from the first row at the starting time to the last row at your ending time, and then PASTE.


It will stretch your first cascade and make different speeds of falling lights.

It will overlap your other cascades, sometimes making weird overlaps, but visually in the show they look just fine.

Then repeat this step for each ribbon.   You can even copy the entire ribbon to the next ribbon and just paste it at a different time and even stretch/compress it a bit to eliminate repetition.


I made a sample file (2 minutes top) and am going to try to figure out how to share it with you.  (I'll take suggestions - including, just email me and I can email it to you)

Here is a try - https://www.dropbox.com/s/nr9hrdahumae93g/Sample.las?dl=0

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