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importing viz into super star


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I though I did it right guess not anyway In the lor viz  I selected draw cosmic ribbons for six windows selected pixel number 1 as starting point on all windows selected regular; triples; set unit id; selected 50 pixels the drawings of the windows are not good so I went to lor hit super star import viz a box came up to the right with 6 windows in it very hard to see so I selected the color red for all 6 windows and then green selected time line hit add it did that ok but up came this message can anyone tell me what it means The Visualization  Object Selected contains No Colors Must Select Visualization Objects that contains colors and first time doing this  how do I correct this problem  thank you Blair

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Check that you have a unique unit ID assigned to each CCR. If that is not the problem email your visualization to brian@superstarlights.com


The visualization will be at:


c:/ (your lightorama folder) / Visualizations / Editor

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I have seen this before..and even just tried to reproduce it .. I can get a similar message but it refers to having a viz with color and not selecting any colors .. I will, of course defer to Brian ..


BUT !!!...


So not to be accused of padding my post count (LOL... no one has .. i'm just joking .. ) ...

I will say ..


In your visualization, Select and double click the PROP. Use the "Virtual Bulb Size" box and increase the size of the bulbs in your CCR string, This will greatly improve the hard to see factor.

Hope this helps..



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