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I have a 3rd generation mp3 player and I'm having problems on running but CCR and RGB ribbons and floods.  I have put all normal controllers and all RGB Controllers on 1 network at 500k on the regular network.  Then have put all CCR's on Aux A network also 500K speed.  I can not get the CCR's to run the sequences but the RGB controllers are working just fine.  What an I doing wrong?? 

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When you say normal controllers, do you mean regular controllers? If they are, are they gen3 controllers or older models? If older models, I believe the director will only run at the lower speed, it must have all gen3 equipment to run at the 500K speed IIRC.


As far as the firmware update, connect whatever you want to update, go into the Hardware Utility and under one of the tabs, you will find a place to update the firmware, click the correct file for your item, and update. It will upload the file to the hardware.

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