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My wife is pushy - "I'm truly..."

Mega Arch

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One of my sons got married last month. That was busy enough. Then the newly weds closed on their house a week ago and the "helping" to move & ect was all weekend, and also the last few nights after work. I'm wore out. Now don't get my wrong, this is all great stuff. But here's where I'm going with all this;

She wants to know when I'm going to get Christmas set up. ARGG. Like what? I'm still wrapping new arches and sequencing. At least she supports my habit. So I guess I finish with

"I'm truly blessed".

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Mega Arch I know your feeling we were blessed with the birth of our son this summer now I am still building my show I am still working on getting my mega tree built I have made light bundles to make arches already but I too am trying to get things up and running and wife is like you need to get this done your behind now I am glade she is supportive also but Come on don't remind me that I'm behind :wacko: so now during the week I program while my son sleeps or is happy in my lap although I do have some glitches where I must have kicked my hand.


But I will agree that I am blessed to have my son along with a supportive wife B)

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That's great to have supportive wives. Mine is supportive too (sometimes).


Sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes at the wrong times (right around set-up time).

So we multi-taskers spread ourselves thin to get everything done, especially this time of year. After all, we aren't happy till everyone else is happy first.


So around January 18th I'll finally sit down for a nice relaxing evening. Till then, chop chop, get to work.

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