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Hello all.  I am not new to LOR, but I am new to the forum in terms of active member.  I have been doing LOR for about 4 years and have 32 channels with an additional 5 LOR Cosmic Color ribbons.  So while I don't have a lot, it is just enough to drive the neighbors crazy :-).  Kids love it in the neighborhood.  I try to add a little each year.  My main goal going forward is to add RGB lighting, dumb and smart strips in addition to the cosmic ribbons I already have.  So I am still learning about how to buy them, power and control them.  Any help here is great.  


Thanks and happy holidays to everyone.



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Welcome  Stephen !      Glad you were brave to say hello.   How are your CCRs arranged?  On the roof lines?  or arches?   Driving neighbors to new levels of crazy is why we are here! 

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