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First Halloween Show, lesson learned


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Put on my first show ever yesterday, and have come away with two things.

First, according to the kids, nobody in the neighborhood even came close. One even said I had the best display, and the timer for the lights hadn't even started the show yet.

Second, I need to invest in some sort of chain or fencing to keep folks OUT of the yard and guide them to the driveway. Someone walked through the yard and pulled a power wire loose.

All in all, we had a great time, and we are looking forward to getting Christmas set up AFTER Thanksgiving.

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cool, I would love to see your show. I just put mine on u tube but for some reason I cannot post the link here for it.  I try copy past and it just doesn't work for me.


I do not have that problem where I live because of my location plus I am totally fenced in already. I have seen some nice looking home made fences made out of PVC and wood slats with holes cut and the pvc put threw etc and painted black as grave yard fencing. Maybe something like that will work for you for next year to put around the area you do not want people going into.


I to had some people say I had the best show they had seen for Halloween.... mine was basically a grave yard setting with ghosts etc. in it and pumpkins, skeleton heads and a singing skelton head and singing pumpkin.


Hope to get to see yours on u tube soon..



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I used a lighted orange & blue LED string stretched between waist high metal yard stakes that Menards sells for a couple bucks each.   This creates a lighted fence around the yard which then can be controlled via a single zone if you want to turn off during a song or two.    The metal loop at the top of the stake is just big enough for rope light which I use for Christmas season.  



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