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Halloween video - Thunderstruck by 2Cellos


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This was originally going to be a video for Christmas (and probably will still be) as it uses a lot of red and green but we just had to use it for Halloween.





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Thanks Mixnight.

Sequencing to a video is the same as for audio. In my case I converted the video to a ".wmv" file and selected it to be used as part of a musical sequence. I also set the video to suit 1920 x 1080 HD resolution and the average video file is around 400MB.

Under the Preferences section select Video and work out where you want the video to be sent and set it to Full Screen. My computer is an i7 with 16GB and setup for 2 screens (extended desktop) and the 2nd screen is a projector in my theatre room. When LOR plays the sequence the video is is displayed through the projector and rear projected through our iGlass (www.iGlass.biz) controllable window which we set to frosted. Audio from the computer is fed through a small FM transmitter which is also relayed through the outdoor speaker system.

95% of our Halloween show was RGB, so three networks were run. One 500K for the 3 x CCRs, one 500K for the 10 x CCPs and the third (normal) for the CCFs, strobes and RGB 5050 pixel window frames. Overall 2,004 channels supporting 2,508 lights. Christmas will be bigger :)



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