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i just posted my halloween 2014 show on u tube

Old Sarge

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I do not know how or if I can post the link on u tube to my show. I am a newbie and this was my first year using lor. and I send out thanks to all who helped me with their advice and sequencing help.


I do not know how to put the link to my u tube but my user name there is  


chuck chuck


or e mail me and I will send you the link for it.  I have it broken down into song plus the complete show is there. sorry I just checked and u tube did some editing to the thunder and lightening. they made it look like blue flashs in part of it. I will see if I can reload it.. thanks



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that's it.... I have more there I just couldn't get the links to post... I don't know why but I never used u tube etc. before


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Hey Sarge, Good job! I didn't know there was any other animated Halloween shows in the AV. Weve done one now for three years in Quartz Hill. Are you doing a Christmas show as well?

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Thank you Quartz Hill....

This is my first year to do it. 

I really do not have a lot of viewers because I am off the Pearblosson Hwy s. of Palmdale and not really much of a viewing area for people but It was something I was checking out and sounded like fun to do for my kids, grandkids, a few neighbors here etc. I am on a dead end part of T2 and no street or road goes completely pass my place... I am kinda boxed in here.


Yes. I am working on Christmas, I am having most of the wifes family here this year plus a show for my neighbors to enjoy as well.. Like I said, not really a place where people can drive by and see it but I can have a few walk ins on my drive way to see it but I have to know if they are coming etc so I can open the gate and let them in..  I will be starting to set my little display up probable in a week or so. right now I am making my mega tree (12ft) and getting trying to get some sequences together, a couple I have had help with or modified a couple and some I am trying to do it on my own....


I do plan on coming and seeing your Christmas show as I have never seen it, I just found you had one about a couple months ago when I started researching about LOR.

I have tried to post the link for u tub a couple places on the forum and for some reason I cannot get it to post.... I don't know but I have tried copy and paste and for some reason it doesn't do it. If it does I just cannot see it..


Any way this is turning into a book... Thanks for the comment.. it was my first year..


(Old Sarge )  Chuck           retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com

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