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Officially been given permission


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Wheeeee. tomorrow is November 1st. Halloween is over and permission from my wife was officially given to start erecting the light show. First year here for us and only 16 channels but it's going to be great. Planning on getting all the roof climbing done over the next 2 days.


Lights on Hilltop


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Well, if the wife says you'd better be erecting ...


I hope she leaves you some time for setup. :D

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Lol George.

Got about 800 lights setup today. 2 channels worth. :) It's a little different setting up for lightorama compared to past years where I just stuck it all on the house daisy chaining it all together. Takes a little more planning and thought so you don't have really long extension cords. I was happy with the progress. Hoping to have everything setup by end of next weekend and can start running some tests and tweaking a bit of my sequences. Also still have 1 sequence to finish and 1 to actually start.

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Good to hear Chris,

Hopefully the wife will understand next year will be worse. Because you will be addicted and have more controllers and lights.
Might have to start erecting sooner. :D

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