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mega tree topper

Old Sarge

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Any ideas about a diy tree topper would be greatly appreciated.


My tree will be a spiraling 12 ft tree. multi color or possably two color, multi color and blue... 


Mega Frame is made of 3/4 sch 40 pvc  thinking a star maybe 1 ft across in size made in two colors if II use 2 colors on the tree.. I don't want something on the top that can be seem from space... not this year anyway.. that's for next year...LOL


Does anyone know where there is a web link to a nice simple diy star?


I have found a couple but seems they are both rope light and to large for what I am looking for..





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I made a sparkle ball for mine. Turned out pretty good.

http://www.sparkleball.com/make.htm easy to make and the more lights you add the brighter it gets.

 Calls for 9 oz cups but can get a bigger ball by going with a bigger cup. Cheap and easy to make.

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It was just a bare frame and i glued the lights to it.

For the thread topic, im pretty sure i changed my mind so i put that star on the house sunday, and i have a 42" snowflake from big lots im going to put on the mega tree.

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Thanks to all.... I ended up making a 5 pointed star frame out of window screen frame, made it approx. 18 inchs tip to tip. added my two strings of lights (2) color and then figured out how to mount it on top of my PVC frame tree..


50 mph winds is common where I am in the Antelope Valley in S. Cali.

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