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question for a spirial mega tree

Old Sarge

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I am making a spiral mega tree well mini megs ( 12 ft).


I am using 16 channels for it.


My question is should I use two different color lights, thinking multi color and blue or just one color.

If I use 2 colors should I go with every other strand or as I read somewhere go 4 strands and then 4 strands of the next color. 


I was thinking every other strand but am a newbie and need advice.


My strands will go 2 1/2 wraps around my tree frame, is that to much or is it ok??


As I said. I am a newbie as this is my first Christmas using LOR.


Thanks. also if anyone has any sequencing for spiral trees it would be great if you would share them so I can help learn from them.


I will also have 2 leaping arch's 8 mini trees and 8 other channels of misc things like eves of house etc.


Thanks a million



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so would it be blue all one color or blue as a second string alternated with multicolored.... all blue or what..  Thanks for answering my arch's are all multicolored 8 channels each and my  (8) mini trees are all multicolored.

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Thanks,,  I ended up doing 2 color, blue and Multi, I can always change it if I don't like the way it looks.


Took me a couple hrs to put all the lights on my mega so if I do change it after Running it for the first time( waiting for my controller to get here that I just ordered today from WOW Lights) so I can run my show for a preview, so far all I have set up is my 12 ft mega, 8 mini, and 2 archs.... still have 2 more archs to build and set up as well as my wire frame deer etc. before connecting everything and running my testing so My New controller should be here by the time I get it set up.


I am kinda getting a little excited like a kID WITH A NEW TOY AS THIS IS MY FIRST LOR CHRISTMAS..

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