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Urgent File extension problem


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I bought some halloween sequences online and have been able to play them in the sequence editor just fine. I then go to the show editor, go to music tab, select songs and then hit save as. when i go back into the sequence editor I cant find the file i just created as a show. If i go into the root directories of LOR I find the file and when I click on it, it opens up the sequence editor and then says "unknown file extension" Im using LOR 3.11.2 when i right click on the file it says its a LSS file which is similar to others I have created but for some reason this "show" is not recognized and wont open. I know it late but any ideas? i would hate to have to manly load every song after one finishes 





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You don't change it. Period.


Files created in the Show Editor can not be opened in the Sequence Editor. Even if you were to change the file extension, they wouldn't open.


What are you trying to do? Better asked, why are you trying to open a Show File in the Sequence Editor? You use the Show Editor to edit the show files (LSS)

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