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Created a Prop...No Channel Assignments When Imported


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I created some mouth movements in the Visualizer using 64 single bulbs. (All RGB)


I then created a prop from these 64 single bulbs...all with their assigned channels and universe.


This prop works fine with the SE, does everything it should.


But when I import it to an existing Visualizer .lee, it doesn't have any of the channel assignments with it..all blank., even though it asked me "do you want to keep these channel assignments" and then "use the prop and fixture names specified in the file".


Obviously I am doing something wrong..anyone know what it might be?

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Never Mind..once again I was able to find (I think) the problem...when I check the LOCKED box before I export it, it now works...


Who knew...


not me apparently...

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Locks stop you from modifying/moving things in the Visualizer main screen.  Basically they prevent you from pointing at a fixture or prop and clicking the mouse to select them in the drawing window.  You can always select in the list on the right.

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