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Hello all, my name is Kevin. Just a high school student that is intrigued with lights! I usually try and do something that looks good for Christmas lights. Roofline, tree, etc. what are yalls idea? I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks so much

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Welcome Kevin!

It'll help us if you let us know what types for equipment you have now or are planning to purchase (how many and what type of controllers).

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Not that people on this forum wouldn't be willing to assist you but you may want to check out the forum on PlanetChristmas.com. This forum is centered mainly around users of Light-O-Rama's light show equipment.

I'm envious of your garage, it's a nice, large blank canvas. You could also add things on your roof because the slope isn't too dangerous to walk on.

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What is your budget for when you start putting lights to music? I would establish this first, then look at options on the store that would meet your budget needs. Though you will be starting next year at the earliest for music-enhanced lighting, I'd recommend that you buy all the lights you need right after XMAS or preceding it. (That's how you'll get the best deals). As for ideas, I'd suggest running different colors of LED strands around the roofline:


1/2 of the gable as one color, the next half a second color, a third color for the next segment, etc.


Something amusing and perdy to look at. You could do several different lighting styles in LOR eventually when you join the madness. I advise that you know your limits, though. I wouldn't buy the lights until you absolutely know:


  1. Your budget: lighting can be pricey. Don't go out and buy a bunch of lights, eat up your budget, then not have enough for controllers, extension cords, etc.
  2. Your setup - props, strands, and number. Where is everything going to go? Use the LOR visualizer to help.
  3. Channel count. How many channels do you intend to use/how many does your setup require? This determines how many controllers you need.
  4. What songs you are doing, and whether or not they are sequences bought through LOR or made yourself. Sequences programmed by yourself will require a lot of time to prep. I'd start here, then buy everything you need after you finish. You can always reduce the size of your show quicker than you can grow it.

Just a few tips I wanted to share... mostly from experience.  :P Note that this tends to be "crunch time" for many LOR users prepping for the season, so this is the most detailed advice you may get all season. Another FYI: extension cords can get pretty expensive - buying SPT-1 or SPT-2 (vampire plugs) in bulk (300' or more) will save you a ton of money.


Good luck!

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