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how load SD card for STC


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i have built several sequences and they play fine on the editor. How ever when i go to simple show builder they do not show up for loading on the SD card. the ones that do show up will not load to the card. I'm open any and all suguestions.

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There are two ways to program the SD Card. Simple Show Builder (SSB) and Hardware Utility (HWU). I recommend the HWU (look at the MP3 tab)


The SSB requires that the sequences you wish to you be located in your default LOR sequencing directory. If you have them else where, they won't show up.


Either method requires the audio for the sequence to be MP3. It won't accept WAV files.

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Just a follow up the HWU path did the trick the show loaded and played flawless. Now i can get back to building light displays and drinking beer. Thanks again for your advice on this matter. You have helped light up another yard this season.

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