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Horizontal text on a 360 tree


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I'm trying to figure out how to keep horizontal text from wrapping around a 360 megatree so that the text is only seen on the front side of the tree. I have been playing with the X,Y coordinates and can change where the first letter in the text starts but the following letters wrap around and start from the back of the tree. I have seen an example of this being done but haven't been able to recreate it. Any help would be appreciated.

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That is a good question. Currently you cannot "clip" text or images to a certain region of the lights. But there is a way to do it by taking advantage of the way SuperStar handles channel collisions. When there is a channel collision SuperStar will use the channel command that stays on the longest and throw out the shorter one. So if you create a scene of 10% or more red, 10% or more green and 10% or more blue for a region of the lights, and then run text across that region, the text will not show up in that region. So you can set the back part to some to a color that contains red, green, and blue and the text will not show up there.

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